Hello, it's Ashley, the founder of SIMATE, also mom of Cathie. Like many moms, I've been thinking about how to raise a confident girl with strong communication skills from an early age.

But I remember there was a hard time when my little Cathie used to isolate herself from others. I felt very sorry for my lonely baby and didn't know how this happened.

For a long time, Cathie stayed unhappy. I tried to buy her some toys, barbie dolls, stuffed animals, but after a few days, she was not interested.

Until my husband, Kevin came home with a Self Balance Scooter. Excited and curious, Cathie asked her father to teach her how to ride a hoverboard as she thought it was magic.

Incredibly, it only took her 5 min to hop on it and move wherever she wants, doing even better than her father. She had a big smile like I've never seen before. She was free and nimble on it, moving like an elf. I never knew she was so good in dexterity and balance.

After that, she can’t seem to get off the hoverboard, and want to ride it everywhere! It seemed she would never get tired of it.

It looks awesome when Cathie plays outside of the house with her new electronic hovering device so that the children in the neighborhood came to join her.

But none of them knew how to control the hoverboard. They begged Cathie to teach them. And they really had tons of fun and adventure from there on!

It’s more than just a fun pastime. Because of this toy, I've never thought, my girl becomes active, broad-minded mentally healthy and has a lot of friends.

Obviously, there are actual health benefits to riding a hoverboard. It can not only improve kids’ focus, reflexes, posture, but also benefit their balance, burn calories, and get kids out and active in this digital age.

Then I realized that a good toy plays a role in children’s development. I have to say a big thank you to the inventor for the mind-blowing “inventions”, which let my girl go through a hard time in her childhood.

So many years later I established SIMATE Hoverboard after doing lots of preparatory work, hoping that more children can get such a perfect gift in their childhood to discover their balance ability, to build their self-esteem, and let them better communicate and play with their friends.

Most importantly, I hope I can bring them safer and more stylishly designed scooters. That's why we recruit talented staff and use professional hard-core technology and materials to produce more durable, higher-quality, and more beautiful scooters compliant with the UL 2272 safety standard.

From spinning LED lights to syncronized music played through Bluetooth speakers, it’s no wonder your kid wants to jump on the hoverboard bandwagon.

I wish all children will no longer be lonely, also hope parents could try their best to discover the advantages of their children and praise them, so as to build up their self-confidence and make their childhood more colorful and happy!

We also have products for parents, so that each members in the family can enjoy the time together!



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