Apato Graffiti Hoverboard and Go Kart Set.
simate hoverboard go-kart attachment
simate hoverboard go-kart attachment-inside the box
simate hoverboard go-kart attachment-wasy to control
simate hoverboard go-kart attachment-quick attach
simate hoverboard go-kart attachment-length adjustable

Apato Graffiti Hoverboard and Go Kart Set

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Performance of Apato

36V 2Ah Battery - 2-3 hours filled
250W Dual Motor - Strong power
220 Lbs Load - From kids to adults
15° Uphill - Not just a flat road
7.5 MPH - Try pro speed mode
7.5 Mile Range - A mobility tool


Provide Safety Products

-UL2272 certification-

Meet the CPSC's latest safety standards for all hoverboards produced, imported and sold in the United States. Simate offers the most official safety guarantee.

It contains 8 electrical tests, 7 mechanical tests and 3 environmental tests.

Click to check Simate's UL2272 certification.


As the first hoverboard in life, Apato has thought about practicality and beginner friendliness in every step from design to material.

Using the best quality batteries, motors, shells, and tires, each one undergoes rigorous technical testing before shipping to ensure its constant availability.

Self-balancing mode, easy to learn, three-speed modes, and error alerts help kids and beginners to be able to control it in 2 minutes.




With more colors to choose from than other models, Apato is sure to have a color that your kids will love.

Especially for Graffiti, a favorite color of Ken, one of the designers of Simate. He says: Each color is special and has their symbols, but what makes Graffiti different from the others is that its special irregular print makes no two hoverboards in this world look exactly the same. So, you will get your own unique hoverboard!


There are 35 power-saving colored LED lights on each side of the tires, 9 two-color LED lights on each wing of the shell, 4 lighting lights on the front and back, and a power indicator and logo display light in the middle of the pedal.

All these lights not only make the hoverboard shine, but also are the most important safety tips, which play a huge role in night travel, error indication, and intelligent power management.

In addition to lights, Bluetooth and speakers are also very popular among kids.

Connect Bluetooth through your phone to play music, the quality sounds make it enough to become your mobile audio!


The hoverboard you choose

Hoverboard go-kart

Instruction manual

Charging plug

Why Apato is perfect for kids and beginners?

6.5'' tires, small and easy to grasp; solid shell, crash-proof; self-balancing mode to help learning; three speed modes to control speed.

This is a great help for kids and beginners.

Flash Point

Choose your color

With more colors to choose from than other models, Apato is sure to have a color that your kids will love.

Awesome lights and Bluetooth

The kids' favorite, there are brilliant lights when you turn it on. Connect Bluetooth, play your favorite music, and let's dance!

What's in the box

The hoverboard you choose.

Hoverboard go-kart.

Instruction manual.

Charging plug.

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