7 Tips for Maintaining Hoverboard Battery Life

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The hoverboard, or more accurately, electronic hands-free self-balancing scooters has become one of the most enticing gifts for tech-lovers, youngsters, and explorers since it was introduced in 2015.

We want the fun to last forever! Unlike regular scooters that don’t require charging, hoverboards need regular charging to stay running in optimal condition and speed. Clearly, without a battery, even the best electric hoverboard will not travel very far. As the source of power, the batteries are a key component and directly affect the reliability and general functionality of your self-balancing hoverboard.It’s always smart to practice good habits for any device that requires a charge to help it last longer and function at an optimal level. The same goes for hoverboard care.

Here, how to make your electric hoverboard battery a longer life? you can follow the six precautions:

1、Please store the batteries in a dry room at a temperature of 0℃-40℃.

Too high (more than 50℃) or too low (less than 20℃) temperature will shorten the life of lithium batteries.

2、Please store the batteries in a cool dry room.

Too much humidity may be harmful to them.

3、Don't use up your batteries.

Please charge it as soon as possible when the battery indicator is red. Frequent charging will not shorten the battery life, but a low battery in a long time will influence the battery capacity and life.

4、Please keep a reasonable charge if not used for a long time.

a. If you do not use it for a short time (less than 30 days), please fully charge the electric hoverboard, and no need to tear it down.

b. If you do not use it for a short time (more than 30 days), please fully charge the electric hoverboard, tear down the batteries and store them in a cool dry room.

c. If you do not use it for 180 days, please charge it every 3-4 months, so as to prolong the battery life.

5、Please Keep charging in time.

Usually, the fully charged battery will consume most of its capacity after storing 50-70 days; the rest will die within 10-20 days. If you do not charge it timely, the battery may be damaged because of over-discharge, which is irreparable and not covered in the warranty.

6、Respect the recommended weight limit.

The weight of the rider is an important factor when considering the battery life hoverboard users can expect. and the more a rider weighs, the more strain it puts on the hoverboard and battery. Never exceed the weight limit, this could put you at risk for injury and damage the hoverboard.

7、Check the battery before every ride.

Always check the battery charge before using your hoverboard. When the battery is low, a red indicator light will flash solid. Go for the green (light) and charge it fully before riding, otherwise, it could stop functioning mid-roll. Failure to recharge the battery periodically or forgetting to turn the power switch off may result in a battery that won’t accept a charge.


Do not use sharp object to pierce the battery.

Do not use weight to smash the battery.

Do not put battery in the fire or water to cause environment pollution.

A little effort goes a long way when it comes to hoverboard care. When you take proper precautions and preserve battery life, hoverboard riders can experience the ongoing joy that at least feels closer to forever. And, really isn’t that what life is all about? Now that you know what you need to keep that battery life up to speed, you can roll on into your next adventure!