Why Simate Hoverboards Are Your Best Choice

Why Simate Hoverboards Are Your Best Choice


The Simate Hoverboard uses advanced gyroscope technology that allows riders to move their weight to steer, stop and accelerate.The hoverboard is specially designed for kids and can travel long distances on all charges. Depending on weight and terrain, you can drive up to 3 miles. In addition, the built-in warning system warns you when battery life is short. It is also powerful enough to power up the hill up to an 18 d18-degree.


Finding the best hoverboards for kids, however, can prove challenging — you have a variety of options. We’ve narrowed the choice down to our best picks, making your quest for an ideal hoverboard simple and that is Simate.


Simate hoverboards were designed specifically for children, today's hoverboards are relatively safe as long as they have the correct safety certification and are age-appropriate. The Simateboard is very safe as this is a motorized vehicle that should be used responsibly and with caution.


Why We Chose Simateboards

  1. Safety

When it comes to hoverboards, safety is a top priority. In 2015 most hoverboards were reported to have a history of overheating and becoming a fire hazard. The government imposes strict regulations on what is sold in the United States therefore every hoverboard must be UL2272 certified.


NB: To ensure the hoverboard is safe, look for a UL 2272 certification. This assures that the risk of fire or battery explosion is significantly reduced. DO NOT BUY hoverboards without this certification.


  1. Size

The size of the hoverboard is important. More especially if you are a kid or inexperienced rider, make sure the board is not too big. In the world of hoverboards, size is generally estimated by the diameter of the wheel. For younger children, it's best to look for wheels that are  5 to 6.5 inches or smaller. Some hoverboards on the list have 8.5-inch wheels and are suitable for ages 13  and up. Many kids love the Simate Apato 6.5 because of its portable size. Check out to see the best-selling board for kids.


  1. Speed

Simate hoverboards are designed for kids. Therefore Hoverboards, especially for kids, aren't designed to move fast, but you still need to be careful. The normal speed range for the Kids Board is 6-9 mph. They need to determine if they are ready to steer a board that can reach that speed.  The boards come with an app that parents can use to limit speed. Parent-controlled speed limits are always a plus for toddlers and beginners.


  1. Range

Usually, the normal range is  6 to 9 miles, and the driver can ride continuously for about 1-4 hour. The hoverboard runs on a battery-charged motor and therefore needs to be charged fully.


  1. Tire Type

Simate hoverboards are usually equipped with sturdy rubber tires. These work well on flat and hard surfaces. Rubber tires are suitable for off-road driving. They are durable and can pass through surfaces such as soil, light gravel, and even sand.


  1. Age Limit

Not many board manufacturers have an age limit, but Simate hoverboards 6.5'' Apato are specially designed for children. You can adjust the speed as you want to.


  1. Fun Features

Kids love the amazing Simateboards features like LED lights that change color to give the board a futuristic look as well as the Bluetooth speaker that connects to a compatible device and allows the driver to listen to music.


Check out Simate models and find out which one is your favorite below:




Model: Apato ; Color: 6 Colors; Age Range: 5+ ; Item Weight: 13.6 Pounds;  Battery capacity: 36V 2.0Ah ; Charging time: 2-3H;  Wheel Material: Rubber;  Wheel Size: 6.5 Inches ; Load: 40-220 Pounds ; Maximum Speed & Range: 7.5 MPH & 8 Miles.


The Apato 6.5 hoverboard with LED lights offers the longest battery life which lasts approximately  4 hours of running time. With such extensive battery life, you can enjoy this smart self-balancing hoverboard without worry. It has a Bluetooth Wireless Speaker which also includes a wide variety of additional features, like colorful LED flashing lights and Bluetooth functionality that allows you to play music directly from your phone.


  • 4-hour battery life
  • Long, 8-mile range
  • Short, 1-hour charge time
  • Comes in multiple colors

Won't say much, the Apato is designed for kids and beginners.





Color: 4; Age Range: 5+;  Weight: 26 Pounds; Battery capacity: 36V 4.0Ah; Charging time: 2-3H ; Wheel Material: Rubber;  Wheel Size: 8.5 Inches;  Maximum Weight Recommendation: 260 Pounds;  Maximum Speed & Range: 9.5 MPH &10 Miles.


  • Fancy LED lights
  • Super stable and smooth ride with self-balancing functionality
  • Can easily handle any terrain
  • Super tough, 8.5” wheels

If you're a strict looks person, will the Tank satisfy you?





Model: Mega Color: Flame Red Age Range: 5+ Item Weight: 25.6 Pounds Battery capacity: 36V 2.0Ah Charging time: 2-3H Wheel Material: Rubber Wheel Size: 6.5 Inches Load: 40-220 Pounds Maximum Speed & Range: 7.5 MPH & 8 Miles.


  • Can handle 30-degree inclines
  • Unique design
  • Smooth ride
  • Extra stable ride with self-balancing functionality


Simate sales will say it's the best value for money.





Model: Epic Color: White Age Range: 5+ Weight: 26 Pounds Battery capacity: 36V 4.0Ah Charging time: 2-3H Wheel Material: Rubber Wheel Size: 10 Inches Maximum Weight Recommendation: 260 Pounds Maximum Speed & Range: 9.5 MPH &10 Miles


  • More heat and fire resistance than most models
  • Can easily handle any terrain
  • Smooth ride

10'' tires and a 350-watt twin motor are absolutely perfect for commuting!




Brand: Simate Color: Black Age Range: 5+ Item Weight: 12.5 Pounds


  • Super lightweight design for easier carrying
  • Unique design
  • Long, 12-mile range
  • Easy to ride

This is by far the most popular combo on the site and people are buying combos when they buy hoverboards. Yes, I admit it's way fun and the kids absolutely love it!