Best Hoverboards 2022: Top 10 Self Balancing Scooters (5 minutes to read)

Best Hoverboards 2022: Top 10 Self Balancing Scooters (5 minutes to read)


What’s a reliable hoverboard? Surely you are considering getting a board soon, fortunately for us we bought, reviewed and compared the top 10 best hoverboards of 2022. See the selection below, along with a detailed purchasing guide to provide you with all the information you need about hoverboards.


Wanna be part of the new cool? Skateboards and rollerblades are still popular, but hoverboard is the new cool. Not only is it cool and fun to drive, but it is also an effective means of transportation for individuals. Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers and models on the market and it can be very difficult to identify the best hoverboard.


Well, don’t worry because we have compiled a list of the highest-rated hoverboards currently available on the market to help you decide which hoverboard is best for you. It also advises on what features to look for when choosing the best hoverboard for you and your child.


Top 10 Best Hoverboards 2022

  1. Tomoloo Self-balancing
  2. Epic Long Range all-terrain Simate hoverboard
  3. Swagton T580
  4. Gotrax SRX Pro
  5. Razor Hovertrax 2.0
  6. Simate Apato hoverboard & Go-kart combo
  7. Swagton T6 Outlaw
  8. Segway Ninebot S
  9. Halo Rover X
  10. Gotrax Hoverfly ECO


Which are the best Hoverboards to buy?


Having tested & compared all the Top 10 best hoverboards listed above, we have decided Epic Long Range All Terrain Simate hoverboard is the best you can buy today. It provides easy-to-learn features as well as high speed, not forgetting the long battery life. This board is perfect for both adults and children. Read below to learn more about  Epic Long Range All-Terrain hoverboard.


The customer service that Simate offers is solid. We’ve tested their service before and they usually reply within 24 hours to our inquiries.


Simate has a 15-day return policy which is great since you can get to test and see if the product suits your needs without fully committing to the product.


Epic Long Range All-Terrain hoverboard



Range: 12-18 miles

Warranty:  90 days, members 180 days

Top Speed: 9.5 MPH

Hill Grade: 15 degrees

Motor :350w x 2

Wheels:10 inch air-filled

Charging Time:2-3 hours

Maximum Load: 265lbs

Safety Standards: UL2272 approved

Dimensions: 660x280x260mm

Battery : 36v 4.0ah


Not only is Simate hoverboards the best in the market today but it is a brand that values safety over everything. The prices are quite reasonable as well. Epic long Range All-Terrain is long and powerful enough to go up hills up to a 30-degree incline. The name says it all because we tested and loved everything about it, the long-lasting battery life and long-range all terrain.


Swagton T6 Outlaw


Top Speed10 MPH

Range7-12 miles

Warranty12 months

Hill Grade30 degrees

Weight31 lbs

Motor600 watts

Wheels10-inch pneumatic

Charging Time2-3 hours

Maximum Load420 lbs

Safety Standards UL2272 approved

Dimensions : 25.7 x 10 x 10.5 in

Battery Li-ion with Sentryshield


The Swagtron T6 is built quite solid and weighs a whopping 32lbs due to its huge 10-inch wheels and heavy trail grips. It boasts 300-watt dual motors that make it very powerful, enabling it to handle the huge weight and perform exemplary on hilly and rough terrains. These superior features make it the best hoverboard for heavy riders and adults, especially those who are experienced.


Gotrax SRX Pro



Motor: 2*250W

Wheel Size8.5" Offroad tires

Max Speeds: 12KM/H

Battery: 144WH

Max Payload: 44-220lbs

Distance per charge: 12km

Gross weight: 29.5lbs

Charger: 42V 1A


The Gotrax SRX Pro accelerates up to a speed of 7. 4 MPH with a range of up to 7. 5 miles on a single charge. Like most competitors, the Gotrax SRX Pro is powerful enough to carry adults of up to 220lbs and is fun for kids weighing above 44lbs. The board weighs 26. 5lbs, making it a little bit portable. It also has powerful tires despite the condition of the road-off terrain.


Razor Hovertrax 2.0



Top Speed: 8 MPH

Range: 8 mins

Weight: Unknown

Motor: 350W

Wheel Size: 6.5 inches

Warranty: 3 months


Unlike other brands, Razor's state range is minutes instead of miles which is equivalent to 6-8 miles in total. The motor output of the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is 350 watts. Two motors ensure smooth acceleration and decent climbing ability. It’s top speed is 8MPH and UL2272 approved which makes it safer to ride.


Apato 6.5'' hoverboard

Top Speed: 7.5 MPH

Range: 8-12 miles

Hill Grade: 15 degrees

Weight: 31 lbs

Motor: 150 dual watts

Wheels 6.5-inch solid

Charging Time: 1-3 hours

Maximum Load: 220 lbs

Safety Standards UL2272 approved

Dimensions 25.7 x 10 x 10.5 in


This board is very easy to ride especially for kids. Apato hoverboards use 36V,2AH lithium batteries with BMS battery management system, which is more energy-efficient and safer than other brands and increases the average usage time. And equipped with dual 150W brushless DC wheel motors and a 3-speed adjustment function, the maximum speed can reach 7.5mph. 6.5-inch solid tires are suitable for driving on flat ground, and their maximum weight capacity can reach 220 lbs.


Gotrax hoverfly ECO



Maximum Speed: 7.4 MPH

Range: 4 miles

Weight: 23.3 lbs

Motor: 400W

Wheel Size: 6.5 inches

Warranty: 3 months


The Hoverfly ECO is equipped with(400 watt) boost motor that makes it easy to reach up to 7.4 MPH.It uses ultra-fast charging technology that can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours. This hoverboard is one of the scooters that can travel long distances on a full charge. Depending on weight and terrain, you can drive up to 3 miles. In addition, the built-in warning system warns you when battery life is short. It is also powerful enough to power up the hill up to an 18 degree slope. The board uses advanced gyroscope technology that allows riders to move their weight to steer, stop and accelerate. The tires are equipped with sensors and electric motors that give the board the required tilt and speed. It also comes with a simple training mode that makes driving easier for beginners.


The Ultimate Hoverboard Buying Guide


Are you still thinking about which hoverboard to buy for yourself or the person you are planning to purchase for?


While it’s important to read reviews to narrow down your options, knowing what to look for in a new product can also help you make an informed purchase.


To help you find the perfect self-balancing hoverboard, we have listed down the main factors that you should consider when it comes to buying a new one. These factors will help you determine if the board will meet your needs and provide you with the best possible experience.




Speed ​​is one of the most sought after criteria. Well, when buying these exciting gadgets, speed is very important.


Average speeds range from 5 to 16 km / h, but some of these self-balancing scooters exceed 16 km / h. It doesn't sound fast, but think of the average person walking at 2-3 mph, jogging at 5-6 mph, and averaging 7-8 mph. In the high speed zone, hoverboards over 10 mph are considered. In fact, driving at 6mph feels like the wind is speeding up. Pretty average huh?


Not only is riding at high speeds exciting, but it is also dangerous and not everyone can handle high speeds, especially if you are a beginner. The top speed is ideal for adventurous drivers and professionals.


Fortunately, product speeds vary by brand, model and wheel type. Some are slow and some are fast.


High speeds are not good on bumpy roads and can even be dangerous. Therefore, when assessing the maximum speed of different products, consider your skill level and the terrain you plan to use your self-balancing hoverboard.


You must consider battery life and range before purchasing a hoverboard. How long will it last if fully charged? What range do you offer on a single charge?


You also need to know how long it will take to charge the battery. If the hoverboard stays in the charger for hours and then switches off after 30 minutes, then that’s a NO! NO! It’s not good.


A high quality battery takes 1-3 hours to fully charge, therefore should last about 2-4 hours. In addition, a good hoverboard should be able to offer a range of 7-12 miles on a single charge.


We also can’t ignore the fact that these devices aren't intended for long-distance travel. They are ideal for floating around blocks for fun, zooming in on the neighborhood, and so on. 

In whatever way, how long a battery lasts and the total distance a board can go on a single charge also depends on:


The travel speed and the number of stops

The weather – during hot weather, the battery drains faster

The rider’s weight

The terrain

The incline


You must make sure to check the battery life, charging time, and range. If you fail to check, you might find yourself having to carry the hoverboard after riding a few miles. And if your hoverboard is heavy, that’s even more stressful.




When it comes to hoverboards, safety will always be an important factor. People often forget to consider safety because of how sophisticated the model is or even how it looks. However, you should always consider the safety of your board before you buy it.


Prior to 2015, there were numerous reports of hoverboard overheating, explosions, and firing. This resulted in a number of hoverboards recalls in 2016 and 2017. These have led Congress to enact safety regulations that manufacturers must meet before they can bring hoverboards to market.


Since then,  regulations have eliminated most dangerous hoverboard brands. As long as you have purchased a UL-certified hoverboard, you can ride the hoverboard without worrying about overheating or burns on the case.


UL certification means that the product has passed all electrical and fire safety tests and can be operated safely.

UL2272 is a battery safety certification and UL2272 certification is for hoverboard electrical systems.


Motor power


Hoverboard motor performance is another important aspect to consider. This will lift the hoverboard. Different hoverboard brands and models have different engine performance.


You definitely need a more powerful motor because it improves the performance of the balance scooter.


One 250-watt motor is sufficient, but two 250 watt motors provide better power for the self-balancing hoverboard. That means speed, functionality, and  overall performance. It also means that the board can climb steeper slopes and  carry more weight.

In fact, motors less than 300 watts are not recommended for heavy people.

 Also, do not allow the motor to vibrate as it will affect the stability of the board.

Make sure to choose an engine that demonstrates smooth running performance.


Wheel Size and Type


Hoverboards come in a variety of wheel sizes from 6.5 inches to 10 inches in diameter. These different sizes are suitable for different terrains. For example, small wheels are ideal for smooth roads, while large tires are ideal for rugged terrain.


Therefore, choose the wheel size according to where you ride the hoverboard. If you just want to surf the neighborhood on the sidewalk, choose a smaller wheel.

 If you are adventurous and want to go "off-road", you need bigger tires that can better handle different terrains.


The wheel size also affects ease of use, load capacity and board stability. For beginners, the standard 6.5-inch hoverboard is best, but for professionals, you can consider larger options.


If you want a cool hoverboard move, choose a smaller wheel size. Small, smooth tires are lightweight and do not damage tiles or wooden floors, making them suitable for indoor use. They offer better stability and are designed to handle from 20kg to 100kg.


On the other hand, the large and sturdy wheels are not ideal for indoor use, but they are very suitable for outdoor use. They provide a smoother ride on rough surfaces and can handle heavier weights.


Weight Limit


Hoverboards are designed to accommodate a variety of weight limits. Some are designed for light riders, while others are designed for heavy people. The load capacity is usually stated on each hoverboard.


Therefore, you need to buy a hoverboard that can support your weight. The average load capacity of most hoverboards is 220 pounds.


Therefore, if you weigh 150 pounds, such a board is ideal. However, if you weigh more than 220 pounds, you need to find a balance scooter that can support your weight over 220 pounds.


There are heavier hoverboards on the market. Hoverboards with low weight capacity are usually intended for children and young adults.


Therefore, depending on the rider, always check the proper load capacity before buying a scooter.


However, if you are buying a children's hoverboard, it is advisable to buy a larger weight capacity hoverboard as the child's weight changes as they grow up. This allows the child to ride the hoverboard for years.


Build Quality


Do not neglect the quality of your hoverboard, whether for commuting or leisure.


Each hoverboard is made of different qualities, from frame and body materials to wheels and various internal components. Some brands use high-quality materials, while others use inferior materials to save costs.


You can get a fancy hoverboard on a low budget, but poor quality. And then you are most likely to encounter problems within a month of riding.

That’s definitely not what you are looking for. Therefore, be sure to buy a board made of high-quality material.


When ordering online, you may not have the opportunity to test the material quality, so the best thing you can do for yourself is to read the hoverboard reviews online to see customer feedback and get honest feedback on your device. Avoid models with endless complaints about batteries and vulnerable cases.

Also,  check the specifications of the hoverboard model you are considering purchasing. Certifications such as  UL 2272 certification also help determine which electric scooters are manufactured with high-quality materials, especially internal components.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the weight limit?

Most hoverboard often have the same weight limit but take note that the hoverboard weight limit is directly proportional to the wheel size.

4.5 inch hoverboards – 120lbs(55kg)

6.5 inch hoverboards – 220lbs(100kg)

8.5 inch hoverboards – 265lbs(120kg)

10 inch hoverboards – 330lbs(150kg)

Offroadhoverboards – 400lbs+


Will my hoverboard battery blow up?

The UL2272-approved hoverboards are less likely to blow up. Although the hoverboard is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the batteries can pack a lot of energy into a small space and explode the board.


What is the minimum age?

The hoverboard is an electric hands-free balance scooter that allows people to stand and ride therefore, there’s no age requirement as long as you can keep balance. Most kids start riding from the age of 4 years.


How long does it take to charge?

Hoverboards obtain a full charge between 2-3 hours of charging. It's super fast to charge.



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