Best hoverboard for kids in 2021

simate hoverboard for kids

Hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters. Nowadays, from kids to adults everyone is showing lots of interest to ride hoverboards. Teenagers and adults use these hoverboards to travel, workspace, gym, shopping malls, parks, and many more. And for kids, having a fun ride on a hoverboard gives a lot of joy and happiness. 

What’s the best hoverboard for kids? If you’re wondering how to choose a good hoverboard for kids, congratulations! you’re in the right place. In this article, we will show you some of our top picks when it comes to hoverboards for kids.

So, let’s go...

1、Best hoverboard for UL Certification

You might have read stories about hoverboards catching fire and/or exploding. Don’t worry. technology has advanced a lot in recent years and you can rest assured that you have a safe piece of kit if you go for something with UL and CE Certification. Any hoverboard made after January 2016 should comply with new safety regulations. Every model at SIMATE Hoverboard has passed UL and CE tests.

2、Best hoverboard for All-terrain

All-terrain hoverboards can handle all kinds of terrain from lawns through to gravel and sand and stronger load-bearing capacity. The SIMATE 6.5" All Terrain Hoverboard has solid rubber tires for a smoother ride, precise gyro control, and a Premium SIMATE Cell Battery Pack.

3、Best hoverboard for design

Rest easy knowing that your floors won’t be scratched and you can move around the tightest of spaces with the SIMATE 6.5” All Terrain Bluetooth & LED Hoverboard which comes with built-in speakers and sonic bright LED lights. Comes in a range of fantastic high gloss finishes.

4、Best hoverboard for speed

Hoverboard enthusiasts generally go for models that go between 6 and 8 miles an hour. It sounds slow if you compare it to a car or a bike, but trust us, it will feel zippy when you are standing on a hoverboard. Experience the thrill of a 7.5mph/h ride with the SIMATE 6.5” Hoverboard, which gives you a funning ride.

5、Best hoverboard for long-distance travel

With solid grip 6.5” solid rubber tires for all terrains, SIMATE 6.5” Hoverboard can tackle a range of surfaces from smooth tarmac through to gravel, grass, and bumpy trails. The ultra-silent 250W dual motor also makes steep hills a breeze. It’s a powerful model with a max distance of 7.5miles and comes in a range of finishes.

6、Best hoverboard for kids

The 6.5” Classic SIMATE LED Hoverboard is perfect for kids. It has 6.5” solid rubber tires that won’t puncture and it comes with multicolor LED lights and a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

7、Best hoverboard for price

Don’t be tempted to buy a cheap hoverboard as it is likely to be of poor quality and may be unsafe. At SIMATE Hoverboard, you can buy a 6.5" hoverboard model for only $149.99 with a Bluetooth speaker and flashing LED lights.

8、Best hoverboard for Warranty

Hoverboards can sometimes go wrong and it is always best to buy a model with a warranty. Every hoverboard at SIMATE Hoverboard has a 15-Days refund without preconditions and a 90 days warranty.

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