Can an 8 year old use a hoverboard?

Can an 8 year old use a hoverboard?

The answer to this question is yes, of course 8 year olds can use hoverboard, in fact we encourage children as young as 3 years old to start experimenting with it, you must be wondering if children this young can master hoverboard, read on to find out!

The age of 3 is a cut-off point in children's development

According to research, at the age of 3, children are no longer mechanically standing, running, bouncing and walking, they are very agile, whether it is forward, backward or up and down stairs. His spatial perception has also developed considerably and he is not only more sensitive to the relationships between objects but also has an extremely good balance of his own. And with a strong curiosity, he is adept at using a variety of interesting tools to explore. In summary, children can, and even must, have a good assistant to help them explore the world from the age of 3.

Why should I choose the Simate hoverboard for my child?

As I said, children need an assistant for their mobility, spatial awareness, balance and curiosity, and a hoverboard is the best choice for them.

The hoverboard is different from the static toys such as plush toys and cars that children often use, and even more different from the easy-to-operate vehicles such as pedal cars and scooters. Hoverboard, after satisfying the needs of children, also allows children to accelerate, decelerate, turn in circles according to their own ideas, and even do all kinds of interesting movements on the hoverboard, which will be more creative and more beneficial to their development.

The Simate hoverboard is also helping children. Our self-balancing mode is the biggest help for riders. The four triggers inside the pedals automatically activate the self-balancing mode when they sense the weight. After the first use it helps the rider to get a better grip on balancing on the hoverboard and forms different memory points depending on the body's habits and when the kids use it again, yes, it remembers their habits and automatically adjusts the angle to help balance.
Three speed modes help children to use it in different situations. The first is the safe beginner mode, which controls the speed to 8 km/h and is ideal for beginners. The second is the Beginner mode, which has a speed of 12 km/h and is suitable for the mastery stage. The third is the Sport Advance mode, with a speed of 15 km/h, which is suitable for skilled driving. These three modes will in no way limit the children's ability to play.

Also, you should know that the hoverboard has a maximum load of 220 IB, which is perfectly usable even when they are older, and even when they are first learning, you can ride with the kids to help them get used to the balance, which is great fun.

Top safety concerns

I'm sure that this is your main concern when it comes to choosing something for your child, and it's something that we are also concerned about.
Every hoverboard from Simate is UL2272 Safety Certified, a safety certification issued by UL specifically for hoverboards in February 2016.

The hoverboard is equipped with an explosion-proof lithium battery for greater energy density, stability and safer riding, which intelligently detects power and battery condition once connected to Bluetooth. The enhanced ABS body is made of high quality eco-friendly materials to make a stronger and more durable hoverboard. the intelligent protection system with AI riding learning algorithm maintains balance at all times after power on and alerts safety faults at all times.

All I have to say is that we are the best choice for both you and your child.