Do Simate hoverboards work on grass?

simate hoverboard for kids

Yes, all of our current models of hoverboards can be driven on grass.

From young children to cycling enthusiasts, hoverboards are popular with a wide range of people who want to explore more terrain and scenery with them. We got this question from our customers' feedback and answer it today.

Here are some factors:

  1. Tire material
  2. Tire size
  3. Treadpattern
  4. Pedalheight
  5. Motor

Tire Material

Usually, hoverboards are solid rubber tires, which are durable and puncture resistant, and because they are solid they also eliminate the need for inflation. simate's Apato and Rex series use these tires, which can handle sharp, rough roads very well. The Rex is slightly different from the Apato in that it is an off-road tire but is also solid, allowing it to pass through a wider variety of terrain. The Spino is a pneumatic tire for rougher terrain, with excellent traction and better stability on the flat and off-road, and a great riding experience.

Tire Size

Larger tires can handle grass better. Typically, the ideal tire size for off-road hoverboards is 8.5 and up, they touch the ground more and offer better stability. Our Rex has 8.5" tires and the Spino has 10" tires. But Apaot's 6.5" tires can also be ridden on grass, just short, flat grass.

Tread Pattern

Make sure the tires are of a deep staggered tread pattern, which has a good landing point, firm grip and more stability during the ride. the tread pattern of all three series of Simate's aerobars ensures this.

Pedal Height

The higher the tread height, the more adapted to grass riding. The higher tread allows for going up and down stairs and through rocks and higher grass. 110mm for the Apato, 150mm for the Rex & Spino tread heights.


The motor is an overlooked factor that gives the hoverboard great power. A motor of 250W or higher is a must if you want to buy a hoverboard for off-road terrain. A powerful motor is the only way to get through more complex, rugged terrain.

Well, let's summarize. the Apato is suitable for riding on flat and short, flush grass, it is suitable for indoor and around the house. the Rex and Spino are more suitable for outdoor adventure, mud, dirt, rocks, sand, hills and all these terrains. Choose the right hoverboard for the terrain you're riding on!