Hoverboard Accessories That We Can Choose

simate hoverboard for kids

For many years, people were more familiar with skateboard than hover board. In the stereotype, hover board is difficult to operate, poor range and other problems plagued everyone. Until recent years, hover board gradually approaching people's vision, the past those problems are not broken, but do you know its best ACC?


Maybe you don't know what the go-kart is, check here:https://esimate.com/collections/hoverkart, it's a perfect accessory designed for 3-7 year old. First of all, 3-7 years old children are officially an important stage of bone growth, it is recommended that children in this age group use the board operated parallel to both legs, which is not only conducive to the normal growth of children's bones, but also effectively exercise the child's balance, which allows the children's cerebellum to develop better. Secondly, long-term standing is also stressful for children, if with a go-kart, cross-use with board, that will be the best. Finally, that has to mention the fun brought by the go-kart, you know, when the children use the joystick operation, it is like driving, flying a plane, no one will not like the feeling of adventure.

Here I will tell you why you need a frame for your balance bike.

      1.Free control

After installation, you can control the direction at will through the rockers on the left and right sides. Also the middle of the frame has a rotating button to adjust the length, which can make the frame extend 31-44 inches, which means every kid can use it.

  1. Shock absorption protection

The front hub of the go-kart is made of the same material as the wheel of the hover board, which has good performance and can maximize our use experience.

     3.Applicable to many models

For the go-kart, it does not strictly limit the use of models, for 6.5-inch, 8.5-inch and 10-inch tires, it can perfectly match.

  1. Comfortable design

The design of the seat conforms to the human form, giving you the most comfortable experience.

  1. Quick disassembly and assembly

The easiest way to use, only need to do the sides of the safety buckle.


There are two types of backpacks available in our store, one is hand carrying and the other is a backpack.

If you have other tools, such as a car to put your hover board, or you have another backpack to carry, then I suggest you choose the hand held type, we have added material to cushion the pressure on the handlebar, so that even if you use it for a long time, your hands will not feel uncomfortable. If you prefer to keep your hands free or prefer to use the backpack more conveniently, then the backpack must be your choice.

Specifically, please check here:https://esimate.com/collections/bag

Helmets and Gears

For the SIAMTE hover board, its self-balancing system can completely guarantee the safety of the user, but for the first time to try or for younger children, helmets and gears are a must. Whenever possible, safety is always the first thing we have to consider.

The helmet currently for sale on the website is available in eight colors, which I believe will meet your needs. Please check here for details:https://esimate.com/collections/helmets/products/simate-kids-adjustable-bike-skate-sports-helmet

There are two types of knee pads to choose from, so please buy according to your needs.Please check here for details:https://esimate.com/collections/gears

LED cover

The hover board currently for sale on the site have a brilliant light, which is a design that kids really like. For parents, a toy that emits music and lights will definitely give us peace of mind if it's late to play outside. So if you want the LED part of your board to be very well protected, then you definitely need a cover.

Check here for details:https://esimate.com/collections/led-cover