Hoverboard – Why You Should Always Say Yes To Hoverboards

simate hoverboard for kids

Ever since Marty Mcfly use hoverboard in the trending movie “Back to the Future Part II” everyone has been anticipating for a day they could be a rightful owner of a hoverboard.

At the end of 2015 (the year 1989 film was referring to as the future), the self-balancing boards are referred to as hoverboard; the movie gave that board its name. Ever since then, it has been the favorite gift any kid would wish for on any holidays, and it's become a hot item for kids across the country. These super fun and high-tech personal transportation devices appeal to adults and children, boys and girls alike, and for good reason. Let’s ask ourselves this question why you should always say yes to hoverboards?

This piece of article will give information on the benefits of the hoverboard.

Ease Down The Road

Since the device has a simple learning curve, it requires little practice and good balance to ride on it. With some basic actions from the rider, you are good to go. You just have to lean forward to get you going. As the board moves, you get comfortable making it easy for you to perform skills and maneuver — you can be perfect with just little practice. You are surprised it’s that simple! Yeah! Tech products have to be designed to bring comfort to its user, and the hoverboard is not an exception.

Perfect Size and Weight

Not smaller than a breadbox, but smaller than a Segway, The self-balancing scooters are much more portable than their handled counterpart, Segway, and they weigh less, which makes it easier to be carried around. Hoverboards have an average weight of 20 to 25 pounds and are well compact enough to keep in a locker or bag.

No Bus Fare, No Problem

No bus fare to transport yourself down the lane? Going nearby and feel too lazy to work? That’s not a problem. Your hoverboard is up to the task. Grab your hoverboard and let it accompany you to your desire destination. Our SIMATE hoverboard literally can speed up to 7.5 mph and travels up to 7.5 miles on a full charge.

Yes, It Does Burn Calories

Even though watching someone ride a hoverboard doesn't seem on par with watching some one working out at the gym, you can rest assured that when your child rides a hoverboard it is actually exercise. A half-hour ride can burn up to 300 calories! It's important to keep in mind that different hoverboards will produce different results, with S-shaped hoverboards helping you to burn the most calories. But the way a hoverboard engages your muscles is definitely a form of exercise.

It Helps with Focus

Hoverboards may not look as if they're very fast, but they can go up to 10 miles per hour! Moving that fast requires a lot of concentration to help you stay upright and safe. This can help your kids enhance their concentration skills as they focus on the world whizzing by and keeping their balance.

It Enhances Reflexes

When your child rides a hoverboard, it increases their ability to balance as well as hone their reflexes. To balance a hoverboard and move it forward, you must constantly shift forward and back. If you go too far in either direction, disaster can strike -- but after a while, it becomes easy since reflexes are being strengthened.

It Helps Your Posture

Many people ride bikes for exercise, kids included. But being in a hunched over position puts a lot of stress and strain on the lower back. Hoverboards help you to keep your back straight as you engage your core, helping to improve your posture at the same time. It gives your body a full workout from head to toe without feeling too exhausted or overwhelmed.

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