How long is the battery life of the Simate hoverboard?

simate hoverboard for kids

Simate hoverboard is a wonderful birthday gift for parents to give your children, it can take the child indoors and shuttle, is a very good family toy. We produce hoverboards have a powerful lithium battery pack, different models of hoverboards use different sizes of lithium batteries, of course the larger the capacity of the lithium battery corresponds to the higher the price of the hoverboard. I know many people are concerned about how long our hoverboard can be used, here to give you the answer.

How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last?

Simate has 3 hoverboard series, Apato, Rex and Spino, all of them need about 2-3H charging time, but their battery life is not the same. 

Apato is built with the simplest 36V 2Ah Li-ion battery pack, which is best suited for 132lbs, and can be used at normal speed for 45 minutes-1 hour at this weight. Rex and Spino hoverboards are built with an upgraded 36V 4Ah Li-ion battery pack, which is best suited for 176lbs, and can be used for 1 1/2 hours at this weight.

These times may not be enough for many children or even adults, but they are excellent hoverboards on the market today as far as battery life is concerned. This also depends on many factors including the strength of the motor, the weather conditions during the ride, the size of the various wheels, the quality of the battery pack itself, and the amount of time you use the board. Generally speaking, the overall lifespan of a Simate hoverboard battery is 1 to 2 years before it needs to be replaced.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Simate Hoverboard Battery

Here are some ways you can squeeze the most time out of the lithium-ion batteries that come with our hoverboards.

Check the battery before riding

You should quickly check the status of the lithium-ion battery before you ride. When the lithium-ion battery is low, the hoverboard will beep and the indicator light will show red. If that light is activated, you'll want to plug the charger into the hoverboard and the power outlet. Green means it is charged and ready to use. Also, if you leave your Simate hoverboard unused, it needs to be taken out periodically for recharging or it will become a junk item.

Observe the weight limit

All hoverboards have a recommended maximum weight limit. Our maximum weight limits for hoverboards range from 220 lbs. to 265 lbs. While technically you can still ride the board if you exceed the maximum weight limit, this will affect the overall battery life. It is important to note that this weight recommendation includes the rider's weight and any items they carry on their person.

Using the right Simate charger

There are many different types of battery chargers for hoverboards, with varying voltage levels and connectors. If you purchase a third party battery charger, make sure it will work with your Simate hoverboard. Otherwise, purchase one of our official chargers to ensure that the overall battery life is not severely impacted.