How Self Balancing Scooter Works?

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The self-balancing hoverboard is a kind of personal transportation tool that is powered by electricity and has the ability of self-balancing, it is also called a hoverboard, two-wheel electric scooter, personal transporter, segways, and so on. The term "hoverboard" first appeared in 1967 in MK Joseph's science fiction novel, and then gained popularity due to the movie Back to the Future. Nowadays, hoverboards have become so common that almost every child in the United States has their balance scooter for daily recreation, and adults are also considering segways as their transportation, which makes the hoverboards market expand further.

What’s Inside a Hoverboard?

  • The Logic Board
  • The Gyroscopes
  • The Motor
  • The Battery Pack

The Logic Board

Simply put, it is like a human brain. There are various modules distributed here to receive and process data information, by calculating the tilt angle value, speed, and other data measured by the body sensors, and then send commands to the motor to do acceleration and deceleration actions. At the same time, this is also the place to control the LED lights, power consumption, power switch.

The Gyroscopes

This is where self-balancing technology comes into play. As you ride, the wheel next to you will transmit speed and tilt information to the gyroscope based on your posture, which is then transmitted to the logic board as a way to keep the body balanced. If you have a problem with your hoverboard, it's probably because something is out of sync with the gyroscope. This is when you need to calibrate your hoverboard again. The calibration will reset your gyroscope so that all values are zeroed again. This is a great way to fix your hoverboard problems.

The Motor

These are two wheels that contain motors to drive the rotation of the wheels. They contain sensors for tilt and speed, and this information will be transmitted to the gyroscope. This allows the two wheels to accelerate and move independently at different speeds. Apato hoverboards are equipped with dual 250W brushless hub motors that are quiet and provide smooth power.

The Battery Pack

Provides power to the balance scooter, without which your hoverboard can't run. Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and have a high energy density, allowing more miles per charge in a small package and the ability to climb slopes. Apato hoverboard uses a 36V, 2.0Ah lithium battery with excellent performance. The built-in BMS battery management system is more energy-efficient and safe, reducing power loss.

Why Choose Us

The structure of the hoverboard is simple, the main components are the 4 mentioned above. Although many hoverboards look similar from the outside, the technology and internal components may be very different, and most of the stores selling hoverboards online are attracted by the pictures, so it is impossible to see the difference of materials.

The Simate self-balancing scooters uses UL certified components, and the material used to make the exterior of the hoverboard and the aluminum plate is also thicker and unadulterated.

In general, most people want to get their money's worth, not a cheap item with a short lifespan.

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