Do Simate hoverboards work on grass?
Yes, all of our current models of hoverboards can be driven on grass. From young children to cycling enthusiasts, hoverboards are popular with a wide range of people who want to explore more terrain and scenery with them. We got...
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Meet the Hoverboards from the Simate Brand
As you know, hoverboards are our main products at Simate, and in the future our products can also involve kid's scooters, drift trikes, etc. Parents can better choose gifts for their children. At present, we are selling three types of...
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Do you really know about this history?
I bet you had all sorts of concerns when choosing it, but after reading its history, I hope you'll change your mind about it. As early as 1985, Professor Kazuo Yamato of Japan proposed a model of a two-wheeled electric...
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