What should I know before buying a hoverboard?

simate hoverboard for kids

People may be more familiar with skateboard than hoverboard, but with the development of the times and the progress of technology, more convenient hoverboard known to people. But before you buy it, do you really know it? Here are some tips, just need 3 minutes to read.

What is hoverboard?

The hoverboard is a new mobility tool with a self-balancing mode. The four built-in electrodes on the pedal will automatically activate the balance mode when it senses weight to help riders get a better grip. When riding, the built-in motor will drive the hoverboard instead of the foot, which makes us feel like flying. In addition, it is different from the skateboard is that the skateboard is a front and back foot glide, while the hoverboard is a parallel ride with both feet, which is more friendly to the human body.

Who should I buy it for?

This is a very simple question, because there are different series of designs for different people, so no matter who needs it, you can find the answer here. For kids and beginners, we highly recommend the Apato series, which is a series of tires 6.5 inches with several gorgeous colors. For this one, we also have some special design, such as brilliant lights, great sound, connected to the bluetooth can play favorite music, but also can follow the music twist the body, that will become very fun. There are also a lot of colors to choose from, the little girls can not refuse the starry sky purple, little boys are very obsessed with blue, and creative graffiti, etc.. The very multi-patterned off-road tires can meet any road conditions, such as flat roads, bumpy roads and grass, etc. It's your perfect companion any time, any place. Check our instagram account, there are a lot of kids using Apato series here.

Wait, do you think this is a series specially designed for kids? No, Apato series as our hot selling series, it's 250W dual motor provides powerful power for hoverboard, up to 7.5MPH, sturdy body can carry up to 220lbs, adults can use it completely.

How to protect my after-sales benefit?

This is something we should be proud of, because SIMATE not only pays a lot on product development, but also makes the greatest efforts to protect the interests of users. 24/7 online customer service is always ready to answer your questions, each hoverboard is UL2272 safety verification before sending to the warehouse, and the warehouse will handle the information within 24 hours after receiving it, and the hoverboard can be delivered anywhere in the United States within 2-5 days, which is a very sincere service. After receiving the package, we offer 15 days return and 90 days repair, you can contact online customer service or send us an email if you have any usage problems. The purpose of doing so is for your better shopping experience.

We hope that after reading this blog, you will know hoverboard and you will choose our Simate Hovebroard.