Where Can You Ride Hoverboards in US?

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There is a popular question going on about hoverboards and there haven’t been concrete answers to the question. However, we will be answering that question right here! Many people are eager to buy hoverboards but are more concerned about where they can ride them. So the question is, where can you ride a hoverboard?

If you are asking yourself, where can I ride my hoverboard? then you should know that it is illegal to ride a board or electric scooter in the US on the pavements as they are classed as ''motor vehicles''. You can't ride them on the roads. Neither hoverboards nor e-scooters are licensed and insured, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your riding. You can ride them on private property or surroundings.

Don’t let the Law of the government affect the way you choose to enjoy your life. You can still enjoy your ridng when you take your hoverboards out. Many people still ride hoverboards outdoors. Everything still comes down to where you can ride your hoverboard in the US.

The US law does not permit any citizens to ride their hoverboard in the following places:

  • Public roads
  • Public foot pathways

US law does not hold restrictions in the following area:

  • Private Gardens
  • Hoverboard parks
  • Private parks
  • In your house

Future of Hoverboard

In the near future, We believe that e-scooters and hoverboards will be used in urban areas and city centers, where people tend to take short journeys for education, work, and leisure. Locations, where rentable e-scooters could be utilized, will follow, such as university campuses, transport hubs like a railway station, shopping areas, and large businesses.

In terms of speed, range, and safety issues, electric scooters and hoverboards have a lower speed range than cars, but are faster than walking, and are similar to cycling speeds. Used properly with the right safety gear, they are a great way to get out. Due to the design of the hoverboard wheel, they are not allowed to be used outside. However, technology is advancing and bigger wheels are being incorporated and better balancing mechanisms are added to ensure that users are safe while riding on the hoverboards. 

Under all US directives of safety, our products undergo careful, independent testing and certification. All our SIMATE hoverboards are of high quality and are designed and manufactured to meet government safety specifications. We make sure our products verify and validate the authenticity of our clients' products.

Until then, let keep to the rule of the land, refrain from riding on the main roads for your safety. We still believe the law holds, and you could be penalized if used the hoverboards on prohibited areas. There are other places to enjoy your ride without facing the wrath of the law. 

Where Can I Park My Hoverboard? 

Although electric scooters and hoverboards are small, you might require a short stop-over in your journey which means that parking might be a problem especially if it’s a busy path. It is worth looking into secure locks for e-scooters. The great thing about a hoverboard is: you can tuck it under your arm or pop it into a rucksack.

Whether you are a practiced e-scooter or hoverboard rider or a newcomer to the craze, check out where you can ride your hoverboard in the US before you start.