Why Should Children Play Outside?

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Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Play for Kids You Should Know!

It's a fact that today's children spend seven or more hours a day in front of a screen than playing outdoors, doing excercises or other regular physical activities,which causes severe consequences for their health and development.

As parents, we should take it seriously and try to guide our children to do more necessary outdoor activities good for them as much as possible. And you should know these top 5 benefits of children playing outside below:

  1. Playing outdoor is good for children's health.

Kids can get cardio and strength training by running, jumping, biking, riding a scooter & hoverboard / self balancing scooter or playing other outdoor games with friends. for all those require motor skills that improve with practice.

Studies also show that children burn more calories outdoors, which helps prevent obesity and strengthens bones and muscles.

Plus, playing in the sun increases vitamin D in the body, which means stronger bones and a lower chance of chronic disease.

  1. Playing outdoor is good for children's cognitive and social/emotional development.

It’s more than just for fun. Outdoor play helps children to be inventive and becomes active, broad-minded mentally healthy and confident with strong communication skills.

For example,when kids get a new toy for playing outdoors, like a Simte hoverboard for birthday gift, they will be playing together with their family or friends, exploring and learning how to find their balance on the self balancing scooter for their first try,which helps they improve communication, cooperation and organizational skills. Additionally, fresh air and free play reduce their study stress levels.

  1. Playing outdoor is good for improving children's eyesight.

It's no denying that children who do much more outdoor play have better distance vision than those who always stay indoor and in front of electronics.

If they do close work indoor, like reading or working on computers for hours at a time, may increase the chance that a child will develop the refractive error.

And lack of exposure to sunlight has also been linked to an increased incidence of myopia in children. So why not guide children go outside and touch the nature outdoor?

  1. Playing outdoor is good for incresing children's attention spans.

Unlike those who spend most of their time indoors, children who spend a lot of time playing outdoors are more curious, autonomous, and more patient. Because playing outside requires their own initiation and follow-through. They will gain the ability to initiate or participate in new activities.

  1. Playing outdoor is good for children's growing in happiness and immunity.

Outdoor light stimulates the pineal gland of the human’s brain,which is vital to keeping our immune system strong and making us feel happier.

Spending time in nature also helps improving mood and making us feel better.

A child who identies with nature is more likely to be raised to appreciate nature and want to protect the environment as well.

If you seriously do not want your kids to spend lots of time in front of digital devices,you could involve your child while you play golf or buy him an outdoor ride-on toy,

such as bicycles, scooters , self balancing scooters / hoverboards or other fun toys for letting him ask you for playing the games outside.